Phantom Finales

In honour of some of the finest presenters to ever grace the airwaves of Dublin's Phantom 105.2 — or any radio station for that matter — I curated a collection of recordings of show finales back in 2012. There were an inordinate number of shows ending in September of 2012 — mostly involuntarily. In addition to those shows, I posted a few older finales, including the one that's quite possibly the most heartbreaking of them all. That being the last broadcast by one of Phantom's pioneers, Simon Maher.

Fifteen months later, Valentine's Day of 2014 marked Phantom's death knell. Devastating news broke that most of the station's staff were given one month's notice. As Simon Maher stated on Facebook, "the bad men (well three bad men) are dismantling what was once Ireland's best little radio station." Shows airing on the 9th through the 16th of March 2014 sadly marked the end of the Phantom era.

As my final cheers to Phantom, I have added to my previously curated recordings to include finales that aired during those last eight days. I'm happy to hear some indications that at least several of the presenters will be continuing on in some capacity at the new station, on other stations, or on other formats. But, that's no excuse to exclude them here. To paraphrase the station's tagline, They Were Phantom. To learn more about Phantom's history, this article published at is outstanding. Kieran Frost's photographic memoir is also an excellent tribute. Also check out my post over on

I initially considered adding only the last hour of each show, or possibly making a compilation of all of the final links of each show. However, the more I listened I realized that the overall content of each show – unique, thoughtful musical selections along with heartfelt stories and "thank yous" throughout – would be best presented in whole. (Or as whole as the stream and my recording software allowed.)

Below are links to mp3 files of each show. There is not an integrated audio player on this website, but rather these files are intended to be downloaded by right-clicking on the links.

16 Mar 2014 — Final Hour of Phantom (Montage of Best Clips, both Recent and Historical)

16 Mar 2014 — Favourite Songs

(Presenters & Staff Introduce Two Songs Each — Fav Song of All Time + Best Song Discovered via Phantom)

16 Mar 2014 — Powerhouse with John Caddell (Final Live Show on Phantom)
16 Mar 2014 — Stadium Rock on Sundays with Jack Hyland
16 Mar 2014 — Sunday Breakfast with Dee Reddy
16 Mar 2014 — Carraig Chrua with Sinéad Ní Churnáin
15 Mar 2014 — The Weekender with Kelly-Anne Byrne
15 Mar 2014 — Stadium Rock on Saturdays with Richie Ryan (missing 2nd hour)

15 Mar 2014 — The Breakfast Club with Nadine O'Regan (superseder of The Kiosk)

(missing approximately 40 minutes from end of 1st hour)

14 Mar 2014 — The Weekender with Will St. Leger (missing approximately 45 minutes from end of 1st hour)
14 Mar 2014 — Finest Work Songs with John Caddell (John's Favourite Songs Edition)

14 Mar 2014 — Phantom Breakfast with Joe Donnelly & Charlotte Flood

(missing approximately 40 minutes from end of 2nd hour)

13 Mar 2014 — Richie and Richie (superseder of Key Cuts)
13 Mar 2014 — Spiral Stares with Laura Lee-Conboy (with special guests Agro Fi and Will St. Leger)
12 Mar 2014 — I-CON with Cathal Funge
11 Mar 2014 — The Lounge with Derek Byrne (Tuesday Night Edition)
10 Mar 2014 — Metal Notes with Ray McGowan
09 Mar 2014 — Sunday Nights with Orlagh Donnelly & Éamon Fennell
06 Nov 2012 — Far Side with Jim Carroll (Hour 1) (Hour 2)
16 Sep 2012 — The Lounge with Derek Byrne (Sunday Night Edition)
16 Sep 2012 — Phantom Tunes with Dee Reddy
16 Sep 2012 — Sunday Morning Coming Down with Pearl
15 Sep 2012 — The Leanover with James Byrne
14 Sep 2012 — Nightlink with Shane Galvin

14 Sep 2012 — Pure Morning with Richie McCormack & Michelle Doherty

(last 1hr 45min of show plus first segment of John Caddell's show which paid tribute to Pure Morning)

14 Jul 2012 — Phantom's Most Wanted with Orla Ormond

09 Mar 2012 — Phantom Feedback — Last show with Muireann O'Connell as interim host

(last 1hr 38min of show)

02 Sep 2011 — Phantom Feedback — Last show with Róisín O'Dea as Producer
28 Jan 2011 — Phantom Daily with Simon Maher